Welcome to MALO, or Motivating Action Leadership Opportunity, a nonprofit organization that serves Tongan Americans in the Inland Empire area through youth mentorship, job readiness, resource literacy, and cultural gathering events.


Amidst a pandemic, MALO recognizes the efforts of local organizations supporting their communities. We are supporting the Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander populations affected by this crisis.


We are continuing to celebrate the blend of culture between the Inland Empire community’s Tongan and American identities.
WATCH our annual July 4th parade video

“MALO takes action towards positive change throughout Ontario and rest of the Inland Empire.  We nurture connections between Tongans and their long time cultural community to keep the Tongan culture alive.
Through motivating actions, radical leadership, and learning opportunities, MALO continues to develop ways to share the beautiful culture of Tonga. Our positive change is fueled by the community’s collective desire to not lose our identities as proud Tongan/Tongan Americans.”



MALO est.

Tongan American community members come together to create an organization that serves Tongan and Pacific Islander populations of the Inland Empire.

March 2017

Cultural Annual Event

MALO hosts its first annual event celebrating Tongan culture.

May 2018

Ontario park Performance

MALO gives an opportunity for Tongan American youth to perform and share their culture at a new Ontario park.

July 2018

First Ontario Independence Parade

MALO organizes community members to proudly represent the Tongan American identity at the Ontario Independence Day Parade for the first time.

Early 2020

Census Efforts

We boost 2020 Census counting in hard-to-count Tongan and Tongan American populations in the Inland Empire.

April 2020

Pandemic Assistance

MALO collected donations (Produce,bread, food boxes, PPE) and funds to send to Inland Empire Tongan families during these difficult times from the global COVID-19 crisis April- currently.


Pfizer Vaccine

Johnson Vaccine:
Need your covid-19 vaccine? Don’t worry, here are upcoming vaccine clinics near you!

Free for everyone and no insurance required! 📢

August 3rd: Cabazon | James A. Venable Community Center

August 3rd: Riverside | Food 4 Less (4250 Van Buren Blvd.)
J&J: https://covid.ieccn.org/MyChart-Covid/signupandschedule/Embeddedschedule?id=233997,241825&vt=501171131
Pfizer: https://covid.ieccn.org/MyChart-Covid/signupandschedule/Embeddedschedule?id=233997,241824&vt=501171131

August 3rd: Coachella | Twenty-Nine Palms Band of Mission Indians
2nd Dose!

August 4th: Beaumont | Food 4 Less (1691 E 6th St.)

August 4th: Hemet | Workforce Development Center
J&J: https://covid.ieccn.org/MyChart-Covid/signupandschedule/Embeddedschedule?id=233997,241856&vt=501171131
Pfizer: https://covid.ieccn.org/MyChart-Covid/signupandschedule/Embeddedschedule?id=233997,241855&vt=501171131

August 4th: Jurupa Valley | Avalon Community Center

August 4th: Riverside | Blind Support Services

August 5th: Jurupa Valley | Louis Rubidoux Library
J&J: https://covid.ieccn.org/MyChart-Covid/signupandschedule/Embeddedschedule?id=233997,241854&vt=501171131
Pfizer: https://covid.ieccn.org/MyChart-Covid/signupandschedule/Embeddedschedule?id=233997,241853&vt=501171131

August 5th: Riverside | Emerson Ecologics

August 5th: Coachella | Our Lady of Soledad Catholic Church
2nd Dose!

August 6th: Coachella | TODEC Legal Center

August 6th: Moreno Valley | Food 4 Less (24440 Alessandro Blvd)
J&J: https://covid.ieccn.org/MyChart-Covid/signupandschedule/Embeddedschedule?id=233997,241809&vt=501171131
Pfizer: https://covid.ieccn.org/MyChart-Covid/signupandschedule/Embeddedschedule?id=233997,241807&vt=501171131

August 6th: Temecula | Islamic Center of Temecula Valley
2nd Dose!

August 7th: Jurupa Valley | Jurupa Valley High School
2nd Dose!

August 7th: Jurupa Valley | Sikh Gurdwara Riverside

August 7th: Palm Desert | Sacred Heart Church
2nd Dose!

Need your 2nd Covid Vaccine Dose? Call 909.982.8641 for more vaccine clinics. #wearereachout #ietime2heal #rivco #covidvaccine
MALO presents 4th IKUNA Backpack/Care package Distribution
Join us for a free Covid-19 Vaccination Clinic and Resource Fair! Bring the family pic up some important resources and get your vaccination! There will be giveaways and food! Stop in with MALO, IE COVID Response team, and Riverside Public Health and Reach Out Partners and say, Malo ‘e lelei, we would love it. If you would like to volunteer with us send us a DM and join the fun. We will be doing outreach resource fairs every Saturday for the rest of July. Come thru! Lets check in on one another! Minors need a parent/guardian present. Find more information in the flyer😃 Location: Jurupa Valley – Rubidoux High School 4250 Opal St Jurupa Valley, CA 92509 Time: 10-4pm Register: https://covid.ieccn.org/MyChart-Covid/signupandschedule/Embeddedschedule?id=233997,241763&vt=501171131
All love! All the time! Getting Closer to Immunity! For You, For Me, For Community!
Scan QR code to make an appointment or Walk-in! All are welcome!
Click on link! Register by April 26, 2021

Click below for more info about the COVID Vaccine San Bernardino County:

Click below for more information about the COVID Vaccine Riverside County:
COVID-19 Testing Site in Riverside for the IE NHPI and ALL that can benefit from this testing site. For appointment: http://bit.ly/RivNHPITesting


Virtual MALO Zoom
The gifted and talented Sisiuno will join MALO virtual hour. She will share the importance of Tongan Culture, especially as it relates to the making of our treasured Tongan gifts known to Tongans as Koloa.

NHPIs are the leading ethnic group/race with the highest COVID cases. If you would like a FREE COVID 19 test NOVEMBER 21&22 we will also be handing out Free Food for the Holiday.
Checking in, learning about culture and meeting new friends virtually with our MALO families during COVID-19. If you have any suggestions, please let us know.


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Inland Empire is so blessed with important resources and fierce friends who can keep folks informed of their rights especially in the workplace! Thank you @wwrc Warehouse Worker Resource CenterRepost: warehouseworkers Join us this October 13 for our upcoming FREE legal clinic. Sign up today to consult with an attorney about your worker rights. Call or email us to schedule!#wwrc #malotongaie #warehouse #Warehouse workersRights ... See MoreSee Less
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Need your covid-19 vaccine? Don't worry, here are upcoming vaccine clinics near you! Free for everyone and no insurance required! 📢September 21st: La Quinta | St Francis of Assisi Catholic CommunityPfizer: covid.ieccn.org/MyChart-Covid/signupandschedule/Embeddedschedule?id=233997,241691&vt=501171131September 21st: Riverside | City of Riverside Access Center J&J: covid.ieccn.org/MyChart-Covid/signupandschedule/Embeddedschedule?id=233997,241689&vt=501171131Pfizer: covid.ieccn.org/MyChart-Covid/signupandschedule/Embeddedschedule?id=233997,241713&vt=501171131September 22nd: Indio | Coachella Valley Rescue MissionJ&J: covid.ieccn.org/MyChart-Covid/signupandschedule/Embeddedschedule?id=233997,241892&vt=501171131Pfizer: covid.ieccn.org/MyChart-Covid/signupandschedule/Embeddedschedule?id=233997,241891&vt=501171131September 22nd: Moreno Valley | Quinn Community Outreach Corporation J&J: covid.ieccn.org/MyChart-Covid/signupandschedule/Embeddedschedule?id=233997,241762&vt=501171131Pfizer: covid.ieccn.org/MyChart-Covid/signupandschedule/Embeddedschedule?id=233997,241761&vt=501171131September 22nd: Riverside | Arlington High SchoolJ&J: covid.ieccn.org/MyChart-Covid/signupandschedule/Embeddedschedule?id=233997,241941&vt=501171131Pfizer: covid.ieccn.org/MyChart-Covid/signupandschedule/Embeddedschedule?id=233997,241940&vt=501171131September 22nd: Riverside | El Super (5800 Van Buren Blvd.) curative.com/sites/30727September 23rd: Desert Hot Springs | Carl May Community CenterPfizer: covid.ieccn.org/MyChart-Covid/signupandschedule/Embeddedschedule?id=233997,241938&vt=501171131September 23rd: Desert Hot Springs | DPSS J&J: covid.ieccn.org/MyChart-Covid/signupandschedule/Embeddedschedule?id=233997,241971&vt=501171131Pfizer: covid.ieccn.org/MyChart-Covid/signupandschedule/Embeddedschedule?id=233997,241970&vt=501171131September 23rd: Riverside | Riverside EDD - Workforce Development Center Pfizer: covid.ieccn.org/MyChart-Covid/signupandschedule/Embeddedschedule?id=233997,241921&vt=501171131September 23rd: Riverside | UEI CollegeJ&J: covid.ieccn.org/MyChart-Covid/signupandschedule/Embeddedschedule?id=233997,241899&vt=501171131Pfizer: covid.ieccn.org/MyChart-Covid/signupandschedule/Embeddedschedule?id=233997,241898&vt=501171131September 24th: Corona | Pacific Utility InstallationsPfizer: covid.ieccn.org/MyChart-Covid/signupandschedule/Embeddedschedule?id=233997,241888&vt=501171131September 24th: Jurupa Valley | Penn Emblem CompanyPfizer: covid.ieccn.org/MyChart-Covid/signupandschedule/Embeddedschedule?id=233997,241923&vt=501171131September 24th: Temecula | Temecula Conference CenterPfizer: covid.ieccn.org/MyChart-Covid/signupandschedule/Embeddedschedule?id=233997,241978&vt=501171131September 24th: Coachella | Todec Legal Center J&J: covid.ieccn.org/MyChart-Covid/signupandschedule/Embeddedschedule?id=233997,241775&vt=501171131Pfizer: covid.ieccn.org/MyChart-Covid/signupandschedule/Embeddedschedule?id=233997,241682&vt=501171131September 25th: Idyllwild-Pine Cove | Idyllwild School Moderna: covid.ieccn.org/MyChart-Covid/signupandschedule/Embeddedschedule?id=233997,241919&vt=501171131Pfizer: covid.ieccn.org/MyChart-Covid/signupandschedule/Embeddedschedule?id=233997,241665&vt=501171131September 25th: Murrieta | PrideStaffJ&J: covid.ieccn.org/MyChart-Covid/signupandschedule/Embeddedschedule?id=233997,241910&vt=501171131Pfizer: covid.ieccn.org/MyChart-Covid/signupandschedule/Embeddedschedule?id=233997,241909&vt=501171131September 25th: Riverside | City of Riverside Main LibraryPfizer: covid.ieccn.org/MyChart-Covid/signupandschedule/Embeddedschedule?id=233997,241909&vt=501171131 Need your 2nd Covid Vaccine Dose? Call 909.982.8641 for more vaccine clinics. #wearereachout #ietime2heal #rivco #covidvaccineTODEC Legal CenterVisión y CompromisoEl Sol Neighborhood Educational CenterRiverside County Black Chamber of CommerceBuilding Resilient CommunitiesSBX: Youth & Family ServicesTruEvolution Inc.MALO - Motivating Action Leadership Opportunity ... See MoreSee Less
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Need your covid-19 vaccine? Don't worry, happening today:Saturday, September 18th Now - 4pmRancho Jurupa Park5249 Crestmore Rd, Jurupa Valley, CA 92509Stop by visit with us MALO Motivating Action Leadership Opportunity and get vaccinated and visit some of the resource tables and food vendors to support local soccer teams.Our hearts go out to our community and we will continue to pray for healing, comfort and peace. Just know when ready please reach out if you want we can help book vaccine appointment. Just comment vaccine or DM. All love always! Ofa Atu Mo'e Lotu(Love and prayers) family! Special prayer request go out to our beloved Holani Family 🥰 🙏❤️Loni Holani we are with you keep fighting! 💪🏽For appointment:PFIZER vaccine:tinyurl.com/2madz8p8J&J vaccine:tinyurl.com/t9cevhj3#ietime2heal #vacinateall58#malotongaie#4U4me4community#RivCoPublicHealth#wearereachout#closer2immunity ... See MoreSee Less
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Happening Now until 7pm!We are here at Colony High School3850 E Riverside Dr, Ontario, CA 91761Free vaccineNo insurance neededWe are welcoming you all and saying thank you with some free Resources and PPE! Come one come all! Taking steps towards immunity! No more deaths at the hands of COVID! #ietime2heal #malotongaie#4U4me4community ... See MoreSee Less
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