Welcome to MALO, or Motivating Action Leadership Opportunity, a nonprofit organization that serves Tongan Americans in the Inland Empire area through youth mentorship, job readiness, resource literacy, and cultural gathering events.


Amidst a pandemic, MALO recognizes the efforts of local organizations supporting their communities. We are supporting the Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander populations affected by this crisis.


We are continuing to celebrate the blend of culture between the Inland Empire community’s Tongan and American identities.
WATCH our annual July 4th parade video

“MALO takes action towards positive change throughout Ontario and rest of the Inland Empire.  We nurture connections between Tongans and their long time cultural community to keep the Tongan culture alive.
Through motivating actions, radical leadership, and learning opportunities, MALO continues to develop ways to share the beautiful culture of Tonga. Our positive change is fueled by the community’s collective desire to not lose our identities as proud Tongan/Tongan Americans.”



MALO est.

Tongan American community members come together to create an organization that serves Tongan and Pacific Islander populations of the Inland Empire.

March 2017

Cultural Annual Event

MALO hosts its first annual event celebrating Tongan culture.

May 2018

Ontario park Performance

MALO gives an opportunity for Tongan American youth to perform and share their culture at a new Ontario park.

July 2018

First Ontario Independence Parade

MALO organizes community members to proudly represent the Tongan American identity at the Ontario Independence Day Parade for the first time.

Early 2020

Census Efforts

We boost 2020 Census counting in hard-to-count Tongan and Tongan American populations in the Inland Empire.

April 2020

Pandemic Assistance

MALO collected donations and funds to send to Inland Empire Tongan families struggling from the global COVID-19 crisis that month.


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"Our Vote is Our Spear." -Frank Palakiko Yagodich, Native Hawaiian Cultural Specialist

Check out the voter guide provided by Empowering Pacific Islander Communities bit.ly/PasefikaCAVoterGuide

If you voted early, drop a photo and hash tag us #MALOVotes Malo 'aupito for doing y(our) part and voting!

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Don't delay, start preparing today! Take 5 steps to get ready for disasters like wildfires:
Step 4: Build a stay box for when you can’t leave
Visit bit.ly/3lSOzbN to download our Disaster Ready Guide and for additional disaster preparedness resources.
🎨x Zach Norman
#CaliforniaForAll #ListosCalifornia #malotongie

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Reach Out is proud to announce one of two Masks are Medicine week three winners! Congratulations to Michael for their "PengWinning the Battle" art piece!
MALO is happy to partner and share art with an important message! For the people by the people. Thank you Michael!
Visit masksaremedicine.org for more information. #wearereachout #masksaremedicine #wearamask #rivco #malotongaie

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Natural Disasters are happening around us, let's stay ready by working together to prepare our families. Don't forget that following 5 simple steps can help keep you and your loved ones ready.
Step 3: Pack a Go Bag! Take items like IDs, medication, cash, phone and charger, important documents, and pet supplies.
For more info: bit.ly/3lSOzbN
#CaliforniaForAll #ListosCalifornia #malotongie

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Congratulations!!!! Bread of Life Church for being the week 6 video winner of the Masks Are Medicine contest! Remember, we all need to do our part in stopping the spread of COVID-19. Wear a mask, wash your hands often, and keep 6 feet of distance between others. Visit masksaremedicine.org to stay updated.
#wearamask #wearereachout #rivconow #malotongaie

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